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In Memory of Anthony Moulton
December 19th 1973 – May 21st 2023

In the weeks after his diagnosis, Anthony had a request.

“We should have a show. One last BIG Kitti performance. But it needs a name. It has to be special. AND… I want to perform as Mary Jo Hansen from ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’ as my final number.” 

The show would be called “Radio Kitti Music Hall”.

In lieu of a show, this Power Hour, a video drinking game, was created in the spirit of the “Radio Kitti Music Hall”. It features some of the best of Kitti & Anthony just being the joy everyone knew them to be.

Grab a drink and enjoy the memories. ❤️

Thank you to all who contributed content for Anthony Moulton’s Celebration of Life held at Pitchers in Washington, DC on July 22nd, 2023.
Kitti’s antics will be missed but never forgotten.

Remembering Anthony

Anthony Moulton A Celebration of Life

June 3rd 2023, Portsmouth NH

Kitti Chanel Fairfield Slideshow

Music & Lyrics by Celina Gerbic 

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