We're super excited to introduce you to Beuhi, a brand new startup that's creating something truly special. They're working hard to develop a unique system that lets you make delicious candy, infused with your choice of botanicals, right from the comfort of your own home!

And the best part? They're doing it in a way that's both physical (with a counter-top appliance and exclusive flavor canisters) and digital (with a mobile app and curated content). All this combines to make four unique experiences that we just know you're going to love.

So sit tight and get ready, because Beuhi is going to take your taste buds on a wild ride!


Brand Development

At WARNOCKULAR, we're taking the helm and fearlessly blazing a trail in the world of brand development for Beuhi. Our powerhouse team is applying a full-spectrum approach to bring this extraordinary product to dazzling life. We're crushing every aspect of creativity, from stunning visual designs, to breathtaking 3D product renderings, merchandise concepts, and packaging strategies. We're fully equipped to handle it all and leave an impact that will be talked about for ages.

As a deeper part of this partnership, we have taken charge of all aspects of the Beuhi brand's marketing efforts. We are confidently leading the way by partnering with our professional network to develop a comprehensive go-to-market strategy. From crafting exceptional executive pitch and funding decks to launching impactful social and crowdfunding campaigns, we know what it takes to succeed in today's market. Our team is dedicated to researching market trends and crafting a compelling brand messaging strategy that resonates with consumers. No task is too daunting for us, and we are committed to driving the Beuhi brand to new heights of success.


We are confident in our ability to deliver exceptional experience design for brands like Beuhi. Our team thrives on the creative freedom that comes with working on multidimensional projects, and we firmly believe that this is essential for developing groundbreaking solutions. Taking a user-centric approach and meticulously addressing every aspect of Beuhi's unique product enables us to develop a holistic and comprehensive strategy that will truly set it apart.

We are excited to bring our expertise and drive to this project and confident that we will exceed expectations.


We love giving our clients love! Visit beuhi.com to learn more about them and to track their progress.